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Apple M1 Performance On Linux: Benchmarks Better Than Expected For Its Alpha State

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    Originally posted by tunnelblick View Post
    Why is it so hard to accept that Apple built a great chip? Seriously, it's honestly cringe already when I see AMD versus Intel but now the M1 is also bad? Why?
    I've seen enough people "in the know" (as in actual devs) praising the M1. For its tdp it's without rival, the MacBook Air is even passively cooled. Look at x86 laptops that are passively cooled and which performance they offer.
    That doesn't mean I like Apple, at all, but on a technical forum I would expect people are able to ignore their bias and being able to see that the M1 is a great technical achievement.
    I had to bold that bit about being passively cooled. At work we have MS Surface laptops and I have to say the difference in performance is absolutely shocking. While I haven't dug into why, all I know is that the Surface can come to a complete halt when i'm engaged in extremely light duty usage. We are talking totally unresponsive, meanwhile the Mac has never halted like that for me and I sometimes load it far more. These are supposedly "professionally maintained" laptops with all the latest updates and features. Not to mention is that they can get hotter than hell for unknown reasons.

    Until people actually use an M1 based Mac you really can't understand how good they are compared to the competition. Sure the current lack of Linux is a bummer and maybe it will never be "the" platform to run Linux, but if Linux gets to 95% of what a Mac can currently do on M1 it will be delightful.