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OpenBLAS Deciding Whether To Drop Support For Russia's Elbrus CPUs

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  • Originally posted by coder View Post
    I think the difference has a lot to do with the government in question. If it's democratically-elected and not perpetrating crimes against humanity, then they're likely to be seen as separatists, not freedom fighters.

    I know a Russian-speaking guy from Odessa and I worked with another (but forget what part he's from). You think there aren't Ukrainians everywhere?

    For that matter, I work/worked with about a dozen Russian ex-pats.
    I don't believe in democracy. First of all, democracy is tyranny of minority. Safeguards against it work for so long.(hate speech censorship for example, legal speech being censored)
    Second of all, what can you achieve in 5-10 years if political will changes every 5-10 years? This is why tyrannical places like China manages to accomplish at least some long term goals.(i hate to say and admit that)
    Churchill said, "in order for democracy to work, in power there must be dictatorship", please excuse my English. Its late here for me as well. The thing is, IMHO either there is democracy and its unsustainable and collapses because of stupid fat pleb that becomes its own tyrant or proper tyrant usurps power. US goes first path it seems.
    I don't believe in anarchy, it doesn't work when other systems co-exist next to it. I don't believe in liberalism(which i think closest to my world view). Socialism does not work. I don't believe into it too. Monarchy is form of tyranny.


    • Originally posted by coder View Post
      It's pretty hard to have a full-on invasion without lots and lots of civilian deaths. Especially when the government is reasonably popular, among its people.
      Some are unavoidable, don't disagree, just don't expect atrocities. Likely you will not see it. Exceptions happen, but they happen in peaceful times too.


      • Originally posted by alcalde View Post
        This has nothing to do with "politics"; it has to do with "morality". Morality has to do with software.. and every single other thing done by human beings. I wouldn't want to be a part of anything that claimed it was divorced from morality.
        Just stop using AMD and Intel, drop Snapdragon, drop ARM,NVIDIA, PowerpC and everything else and then "live in peace"..


        • Originally posted by coder View Post
          It won't, but I have wondered about whether people would start trying to block China from other open source projects. That'll just mean they fork off in their own direction.
          That will definitely divide the opensource community, and will be a bad thing.
          We should strive to, work together and start accepting each other, without Racial, Linguistic, or Cultural differences..
          Learn to accept each other..

          Originally posted by coder View Post
          That's why I wouldn't support generic action against Russian or Chinese contributors. That this specific issue involves Russian military-oriented tech makes it hopefully something of a special case.
          This conflict has Russian technology because Russia is involved..
          The conflicts were the US is, has American technology, exactly because its the US that is there and so forth with any other conflict..
          Its not a excuse..there are no "special case" here..


          • Originally posted by coder View Post
            That's a fictional distinction. When everybody is trying to defend their home from an invading army, they all become the enemy.
            The neoNazis are not defending their country,
            They are mass killing other ethnicities, so that in the end Ukraine only has 1 pure Race, the called "choosen Race"..the nazis themselves.

            Russia is not attacking regular Army in Ukraine, unless provoked!
            Their intentions are clear, they went their to stop the genocide in the east Ukraine, and to kill the nazis.
            If they manage to solve this problem, I believe Russian Ukrainians will not be targeted any more by the Ukrainian regular army( because the guys that are killing the Russians, in the east, are only nazis or nazi bakers..not the regular army ).

            Originally posted by coder View Post
            That's 100% not what's happening. Russia is intent on conquering it. All of it.
            Russia is the biggest Country on earth by far..
            Believe me, they don't want more land...they want to leave in peace without being threatened.
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            • Originally posted by szymon_g View Post
              yes, because US intervention in Afghanistan is exactly the same as Russia's in Ukraine...
              it was worst.


              • Originally posted by atomsymbol
                It is quite possible that the situation might last for several years. To exclude this possibility from the list of predictions/strategies would be naive.
                I'm not saying it isn't possible, but it's not likely to take several years. Even if it does, military tech is known to remain pretty old for a while. I'm sure Russia will be fine in that time frame even if they're stuck with outdated chips. Being an open platform, they can do their own research.


                • Originally posted by dimko View Post
                  "So you really think that Zelenskyy being a Jew would be some well kept secret in a fucking presidential election?" - no not secret, but he doesn't advertise it. But he is as much jew as me(even our surnames are similar actually). He is christian and conveniently pulled out card of "I am jew" as a good trump card when shit hit the fan. "you have e.g Russian National Unity" -obviously scambags, but how are you amazed they happen when literally everyone and their dog blames every problem on Russia and yet every country which was post USSR and has shittier economics has thens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who comes to Russia for work(including Ukraine citizens!!!!). Its same as crazy US liberals saying, that US is literally NAZI, when half million of Mexicans staying on border trying to get in into US. WHO was trying to get in into Ukraine apart from foreign students who wanted some free or dirt cheap post soviet education in last 20 years?

                  I live in EU, i dont have TV and dont remember when last time i watched RT. I sure as fuck dont watch russian TV, too much propoganda. I dont watch EU/US tv for same exact reasons. "RT propaganda in full effect I see." - no i see CNN MSNBC propoganda.

                  "And no NATO is not hostile to Russia, it's defence alliance, not an offence alliance." tell that to Yugoslavia. NATO members attack others, the fact not all join - is irrelevant. "hey, 5 of us are a gang, two went to kick shit of some dude on the street. Rest were lazy. We are defensive gang of course"

                  "who not only are neo-Nazis but also joined the pro-Russian forces against Ukraine during Donbass..." - so you basically agree that that Donbass should not be Ukranian as it is so Russian that even Russian Nazi help locals to fight for independence or joining Russia? Double plus good!

                  "Neither EU nor the US invaded Yugoslavia." - right,
                  So if not RT propaganda you just decided to spread misinformation by yourself? Ok, anyway, no there where no invasion by NATO, NATO did bomb parts of Yugoslavia and you know very well why that was done. But of course please go on about how Ukraine is really Nazi while defending the actual genocide that where going on inside Yugoslavia at the time.


                  • Originally posted by coder View Post
                    You could think of it in the same vein as whether to continue an industrial partnership with Germany in 1939. Nobody knows Putin's plans, but it seems plausible he's embarking on a conquest to reunite the USSR. This won't make a difference today or tomorrow, but there's a moral question of contributing to future conflicts in some way. It's not entirely dissimilar from my own decision not to work in the "defense" industry, building weapons of war.
                    It's not in the same vein because Russia already has what they need to get the job done. If OpenBLAS was actually producing the chips themselves and shipping them to Russia, this would be a totally different situation.
                    What contract? The article didn't say Russia is actually paying any OpenBLAS developers anything. Do you know differently?
                    I figured it was implied, as the article said "drop support", as in, they are directly working together. Perhaps I'm wrong and there is no contact, but the underlying point remains the same: Russia is probably going to drop them regardless.
                    I think most of their government contractors are interested in the fastest/best/cheapest way to reach their goals, more than politics. But who knows? It could influence some.
                    I wasn't referring to government contractors specifically. I'm not about to get political here so I'll shut up while I'm ahead.


                    • This shows true values of "democracy and freedom", open hunt on anything Russian, sports, students at universities (yup, that's actualy happening), companies and people etc.

                      I have a suggestion for "free world" as US president said, you should mark Russians with yellow stripes, so we can recognize them more easilly...