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OpenBLAS 0.3.20 Adds Support For Russia's Elbrus E2000, Arm Neoverse N2/V1 CPUs

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  • Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
    I still prefer it as a technically sound one.

    The ethical alternative to me is Orthodoxy; look up Seraphim Rose's books, for example.

    PS: it's actually hard to get shot in Russia legally -- unless one is armed and has made it very sure that others will get dead if he isn't; the calls to get back the mortal penalty are heard now though, especially regarding pedophiles (practice shows that those don't get cured by years in prison and rathed get back to their ugly deeds when free again).
    I didnt mean to imply they get shot legally.
    Just that if/when they disappear its not headline news and a national manhunt for those who suicided them.

    e.g. never seen anything like Jimmy Saville in the slavic regions. Quite the opposite, corrupt, perverted criminals actually generally go to prison or disappear -regardless of social status- rather than get raised up as national heroes and role models for the next generation.

    Put that in the context of the "only one true message" in your previous post - and "rotten to the core" suddenly becomes to kind a description of the anglosaxen monarchies masquerading as democracies.
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    • Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      Oh, so you were talking about documents like this (link)

      Destroying the conspiracy theory that the Taliban were pro opium (as a group) or OBL is why Americans and Brits had to die in the (then empty) Afghan poppy fields.
      The Taliban have had a variable position on Opium. While in power, they banned it, but then tapped into it as a revenue source, during the past 2 decades' war.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      And settlements like this (link)

      Making pizzagate look like an amateur attempt to distract from the real evidence that lot really are all pedos.
      The trick many conspiracy theories use is to seize on little bits of evidence and weave them together into a broader narrative. You really can't trust these narratives.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      If that was Russia, Andrew and Epstein would have just been taken into a field and shot in the back of the head decades ago
      I believe Russia does have a judicial system, however imperfect it may be.

      The thing to remember is that a fair judicial process is never 100% accurate. And while we always should strive to make it better, this can't be at the expense of convicting many more innocent defendants or meting out disproportionate punishments.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      US and UK label them VIPs and make you pay for their security.
      Society is never 100% equal or fair, but we can't let perfect be the enemy of good. There are certain high-stature individuals who need additional protection, but if that's what's necessary for them ultimately subject to the same legal process as everyone else, then it's worth doing.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      people who want to inform people whats really going on, like say Assange and Snowden, get treated like Assange and Snowden,
      Whenever someone wants to draw a generalization from such extreme examples, it should arouse suspicion.

      I don't generally support what Assange or Wikileaks did. I think it started out as something well-intentioned and doing some actual good, but went off the rails at some point. I've read a lot about Assange and his role in that, but we needn't get further off-track.

      Snowden is a different case, and someone I regard as a tragic hero. He tried to do the right things, in the best way he could, for the right reasons, and after all other options had been exhausted. He knew the risks, and probably his worst fears were proven true. I think history will look upon him more kindly than those who were embarrassed by his revelations.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      and most everyone else is left guessing, or keeping their head down trying not to draw attention to themselves.
      That's far from true. The system is very leaky. Snowden's case was extreme, precisely because he was revealing some of the most closely-guarded secrets, in the most secretive part of the government.

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      I've seen enough evidence that significant effort went into preventing me from seeing to make a firm decision who I think the baddies are.
      If you're in a country with a non-free media, then I can understand your trust issues with journalism.

      I think the ultimate test is to ask yourself whether you believe something because it's convenient, or because that's really how all the most robust facts seem to line up?

      Originally posted by mSparks View Post
      Elbrus is not just any random alternative, its an ethical one - if there is such a thing.
      Finally, back on topic.

      I understand having trust issues with foreign hardware, as well. All I can say about Elrus is that I find it technically interesting for someone to be pushing a modern, VLIW-based ISA into more general computing. Politically, it makes sense for Russia to have its own CPUs. And, unfortunately, politics is the problem. Maybe it didn't have to be that way, but here we are.


      • Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        Would you stand for that in a court?
        I don't understand your hypothetical. The US legal process has the potential to work well. It has a robust discovery process for bringing to light the relevant facts. Where it tends to suffer is for defendants who can't afford proper legal representation, but that's getting off-topic.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        Western media
        Please define.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        You're not ruled by "your government". Or to put it slighly other way around, those who rule you, you do not elect.
        That's ultimately untrue. The government is how laws are made and enforced. It's structurally robust, but not free from influence. Influence is the problem, but it's not one that can't be managed.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        Except that it's not that easy to crank up more diesel fuel from light oil, and the heavy oil that yields more diesel is produced in Venezuela, Russia, Iran... oops.
        Yes, world energy markets will be in turmoil, for a while. Ultimately, this will help push renewables, though. The biggest problem with renewables is they still don't have enough momentum, so anything which helps build that is going to help.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        Those Americans that are blind (or cowardly?) enough to try and evade thinking long and hard of what goes on with the country they consider theirs
        That's a bit of a non-answer.

        Though beleaguered, we still have free press and principled journalists. We have Congress performing oversight and the Freedom of Information Act. Those tools, alone, can provide quite a lot transparency into the workings of government, or what conspiracy theorists like to call "the deep state".

        The ultimate defense we have is patriotism and a government where public servants pledge an oath to the Constitution.

        The deeper problem with the "deep state" is the apparent fascination some of the public have with conspiracy theories, rather than what the facts actually support.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        just what we had in USSR with "the Party".
        Just what you "had"? Do you understand that Putin doesn't accept the break up of the USSR?

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        Biden elections: was it a mass coincidence?
        Trump was one of the most unpopular, corrupt, incompetent, and intemperant presidents in US history. You don't need a conspiracy theory to understand why he lost.

        Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
        shale oil needs a lot of energy put _into_ it, EROEI is pretty grim there.
        Exactly why it's such a bad idea.


        • Apologies for following you off-topic, here.

          Originally posted by mshigorin View Post
          the calls to get back the mortal penalty are heard now though, especially regarding pedophiles (practice shows that those don't get cured by years in prison and rathed get back to their ugly deeds when free again).
          Pedophiles do pose one of the most difficult ethical and legal problems, but that shouldn't justify simplistic solutions.

          We don't kill drug or alcohol addicts, just because their condition is incurable. What needs to happen with pedophiles is perhaps more science into how their condition can be managed (addiction research might hold important clues, here), and more thought into ways their freedom can be restricted to minimize the chance of repeat offenses (after they've completed their original sentence).

          They make an easy target and a useful political tool, but a good engineer (or legal architect) should embrace such a challenge to the system and want to find effective solutions that preserve the ideals of good governance. There's also a practical reason for this. The more potent a political tool it becomes, the more ripe it is for abuse. I think we're clearly seeing that.


          • Originally posted by In_Mint_Condition View Post
            Clearly you don't understand the word genocide.