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SiFive Details New Performance P650 RISC-V Core

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    Originally posted by PerformanceExpert View Post
    Let's ignore that it doesn't have a vector extension which would make any comparison with Cortex-A77 highly speculative. But what I'd like to know is whether anyone has proof of any OoO core from SiFive that has made it into silicon or even better, an actual product?

    So far the progress you're talking about exists on powerpoint slides only.
    Heh, I was waiting for you to show up, in this thread. Still not ready to disclose your conflict of interest?


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      Originally posted by bob l'eponge View Post
      There's for the GPU part (although, right now, it's mainly focused on OpenCL, a Vulkan compatible implementation is still far away).
      That's really not a GPU, or even something that's designed to be fabbed. Anyone wanting to use it would have to do all the layout, themselves. When you buy IP from SiFive, they will already have done the work needed to fab it on several popular nodes.


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        Originally posted by hajj_3 View Post

        PowerVR works with risc-v chips...
        Thank you, I completely missed out several mobile-grade GPU platforms already work with risc-v. Seems like things are finally coming together.

        Like the PowerVR support you already mentioned. It seems Imagination also wants to make their own risc-v based SOCs as well.

        Apparently, Alibaba has a SOC that pairs a Vivante GPU with risc-v cores.
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          Originally posted by mbello View Post
          SiFive should partner with Raspberry Pi foundation to have its cores on all coming RPi boards.
          While the BeagleV was never shipped, the BeagleBoard foundation boards are where Risc-V for tinkerers is expected to be happening, at least for now (a revised BeagleBoard RiscV board is expected to be announced in early 2022).