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Linux 5.15 Addressing Scalability Issue That Caused Huge IBM Servers 30+ Minutes To Boot

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    Originally posted by MadeUpName View Post

    Software of all flavours is full of kludges put in place to get around vendor F'ups. Look at every thing from firmware to bios's to to X.
    Yes, but Linux does have standards, and those fixes are usually to work around hardware issues, not software misconfiguration, and they usually go around a lot of back and forth to justify the addition.
    Lastly, reducing unnecessary contention is not a kludge, from any reasonable POV.
    Looking at the patches they seem sensible. The only thing that may be questionable is whether negative dentry caching is needed when they could just use filesystem events notifications to check if an entry was added.


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      Originally posted by ThoreauHD View Post
      What a fun conversation. I haven't seen mainframe dick slapping in years.
      Well apparently nowadays its distributed dickslapping with high service level agreement