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Loongson 3A5000 Benchmarks For These New Chinese CPUs Built On The LoongArch ISA

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    Wow. UK's lack of care for data protection during their otherwise deeply touching apreciation for human dignity and life in general.
    But a total disregard for government's active role in Assange capture or assassination.
    But that is old example.
    How about fresh one:
    Boris Johnson launches Secrets Act to imprison Journalists who dare question government
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      Originally posted by sdack View Post
      A guy who killed 16 cats gets 5 years of jail time. Do this in China and you can call yourself a cook or a chef.
      But in China, it's not exactly unknown for corrupt politicians to end up in jail or have their dance session with firing squad.
      Meanwhile, in "Democracy"...
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        Originally posted by sdack View Post
        So now are politicians proposing a harder law. It is now being discussed and I guarantee you that it will see backfire from the opposition, House of Lords and the public. The very fact that you can pick it up, talk about it and discuss it in public is part of the process and our democracy.
        What a joke. Yes, you can talk about it. As long as nothing really depends on you.
        Try changing things and you may very well get Assanged, Epsteined or McAfeed.

        You have A PEDOPHILE IN ROYAL FAMILY that is still very free and politically active FFS.
        And that's a typical "modern Democracy".
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          Brane215 : You are angry and need to clear your head to decide what it is you want. Is your problem that you do not have enough power and control over what happens in your country? If so then you will certainly like the CCP. They leave very little room and take action even if it means to violate internal human rights like we have seen with the imprisonment and reeducation of an entire culture. But when you are willing to give up some of it and leave more freedom to your people then they will do things you will not always like. There is no such system as a perfect system. So which is it you rather have?

          And remember that in a democracy can you start your own party and drum up support for it when you are not happy with the existing parties. To a certain point of course, meaning, as long as your party does not incite violence or commits other crimes. Laws can then be changed once your party wins elections. So when you do not like what Boris Johnson does then do not vote for him and his party, but find a party that supports what you want or start your own, and change it.
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