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Intel Reported To Be Looking At Acquiring GlobalFoundries

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    wrong... AMD 3950X and 5950X had the 12nm GloFO IO chip. only some APU and mobile cpus are 7nm only without 12nm IO chip. also all the mainboard 570 chipset are also 12nm GloFo...
    Currently, sure. But the writing is on the wall, and AMD is in the process of transferring all of that over to TSMC already. They've got another 3 years or so of purchasing lots of silicon from GloFo, after that it's going to start drying up fast and it'll be at least that long before Intel could take over. (Plus they've already signed that contract, so if Intel tried to back out of it they'd just sue)

    This is not about screwing up AMD's manufacturing. I'm not entirely sure I understand what Intel thinks they will get out of it, but it's not that.