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New Spectre Variants Discovered By Exploiting Micro-op Caches

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

    Then you haven't been on tech forums lol. According to people on tech forums, AMD is the holy grail and they can do anything Intel can't and never make mistakes. So surely they will be able to fix Spectre and Meltdown without performance hits. I mean… right?
    I am well aware of that "hype" and excitement. Frankly, I always saw it as a little dishonest when you look at AMD the company. They are very much aware that they dodged a bullet and that it would hit them sooner or latter.

    Originally posted by chithanh View Post
    You don't need a new architecture. Intel already has an architecture that is largely immune to Spectre, namely IA64. The Itanium's EPIC (not to be confused with EPYC) model moves the complexity which led to Spectre from the CPU into the compiler instead.
    Off loading the problem to the compiler doesn't make it go away.
    And last that I head of Itanium, it just got cut off of life-support.