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Loongson 2K1000 Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.13

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    Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
    The place of production doesn't say a lot about trustworthiness. And speaking of the production place in France that has frequently changed hands and was also once in the hands of Chinese...
    While is truth that production only doesn't ensure safety, being an open arch produced in STMicroelectronics factories, gives some credit to it!

    Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
    It depends on which world you live in. If you live in a deluded socialist world, then yes, the US has the worst reputation.
    Well I live in Europe, and yes we do are Socialist Countries by nature, public schools, public Health system and so on, we are a benchmark for Quality of life Worldwide.
    But its not only in Europe that we think like that, its world wide!
    The US even spy on its allies, shame..
    Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
    Agreed, these limits are not sufficient but bear in mind that the US has to counter the other countries' spying efforts.
    As an IT-savvy person, it should have come across your desk how many cyber-attacks came out of these countries.
    Well the US invented it.. no excuses here..!
    And ofcourse, it was not to counter others but instead to rob state secrets or Technology..

    Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
    Trust in persons like Stallman and Snowden is misplaced. For as much good things they have said and done, you have to vet everything. What convinces you that Snowden *is not* a "news outlet" of the NSA?
    To be honest, what Snowden said about the mass surveillance programs targetting Europe, I already knew..
    But it was good to open some people minds a bit..
    Well, we don't know, Snowden could be a infiltrated trojan Horse, with the objective of help amplifying the mass spying that US does on Europe, and more concretely on Russia..
    But ,at same time, he also helped to expose how dirty US is..

    Stallman, is a lot more trustworthy, his name is above any doubt, he is also a victim of the US Regime..

    But regarding OpenPower, I also want to have one.
    this one:

    At Same Time I would like, also, to have the latest OpenMips Loongson 3A4000 series, because its the last produced in Europe..
    But they are very exclusive, and also very expensive..