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A Quick Run With The FSGSBASE Patches On Intel + AMD

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  • A Quick Run With The FSGSBASE Patches On Intel + AMD

    Phoronix: A Quick Run With The FSGSBASE Patches On Intel + AMD

    FSGSBASE patches for the Linux kernel have been available for years albeit not mainlined to date. However, thankfully, a Microsoft Linux developer has taken up the cause to get them upstreamed given the performance benefits they are even seeing. Here are some benchmarks of the Linux kernel patches for FSGSBASE on both Intel and AMD CPUs.

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    Seems like a resonable addition to the x86 arch branch overall.
    I'm sure it needs more testing though.
    Some more interesting tests up ahead perhaps?


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      To be out of tree, for so many time, for sure there are reluctance to its Security vector attacks,
      As x86 has more holes now than a Swiss cheese..


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        Oh, that's nice!


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          Why did this never get merged?


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            FSGSBASE submission was the subject of a fairly heated exchange between kernel maintainer Thomas Gleixner and some Intel devs last summer. Here is a taste: "I've been bitten by glued on and half baked patches from Intel in the past 10 years so many times, that I'm simply refusing to take anything which is not properly structured and documented".

            There's much, much more, ending with: "I'm dead tired of your unfounded complaints and of your permanent refusal to collaborate. Keep that up and the last x86 maintainer who was willing to deal with you in the past 10 years will finally open up a reserved slot in his email filters to /dev/null."


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              FWIW, I'd merged the previous (#11th?) patchset series a couple of weeks ago and have no ill effects; that being said I'm glad Michael ran the benchmarks to show they've got good effect on existing code (vs. having to re-compile the entirety of userspace (or Glibc).