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300+ Benchmarks With AMD Threadripper 3960X vs. Intel Core i9 10980XE

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    Originally posted by reavertm View Post

    This analogy is flawed imho. Threadripper comes not just with double the cores but double the memory channels and more than double PCI-E lanes.
    Twisting your argument even further, it's overpriced compared to 3900x because it's not twice faster in single threaded appliances. They are expensive agreed, but it's not home users market anyway. Threadrippers like EPYCs are meant to pay for themselves. 3900x and 3950x are monster-enough home CPUs imho.

    No, the analogy is perfect, because 2 computers with 3900X/3950X have exactly the same number of memory channels and the same total maximum memory size as a single computer with 3960X/3870X. They also have almost the same total number of PCIe 4.0 lanes and for example you can populate them with more GPUs (6 versus 4) if you are OK with a lower PCIe transfer speed per card. The 2 computers have together about the same total power consumption as the single Threadripper computer and they have a higher single-thread clock frequency.

    So two computers with 3900X/3950X are almost completely equivalent in speed and features with a single computer with 3960X/3970X. The two computers are much cheaper and more reliable than the single Threadripper computer, but they would be slower for some tasks which require a lot of inter-process communication, which has to go over Ethernet for the double computer.

    A double computer requires a more sophisticated user, who knows how to distribute the processing tasks over a computer cluster instead of launching the applications only on his/her workstation. However someone willing to spend more than $2500 (the minimum price for a Threadripper computer) should already know how to use computers efficiently.

    Actually for me this is not theory. I have waited to see the prices of the Threadrippers, and after seeing them I have decided to buy 2 computers with Ryzen 9 3950X on Asus Pro WS X570-ACE motherboards. However, due to high demand, it seems that I will have to wait several months until the price and availability of that CPU will become normal.