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The Xeon vs. EPYC Performance With Intel's oneAPI Embree & OSPray Render Projects

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    Originally posted by nuetzel View Post
    Now some up to date LLVMpipe vs OpenSWR numbers, please. - GREAT work Michael!
    Yes I hope to have OPenSWR numbers out in a few days.... still overloaded with benchmarking :/
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      A little strange to see the 7601 lose so badly in so many of the tests. Those are the results I'd expect of a single 7601, not two.
      The older epyc's weren't very fast at AVX2 compared to the new ones or Intel chips. It only had 128-bit registers vs 256-bit now, so cutting performance in half is about what you'd expect.


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        Something went wrong with the LuxCoreRender tests, the 7742 only got about 50% of the 7601!


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          LuxCoreRender was also tossed in for this open-source physically based renderer. LuxCoreRender isn't developed by Intel but does make use of their Embree library and Threaded Building Blocks (TBB). LuxCoreRender ended up being faster on the Xeon Platinum server with those Intel components, but then again most LuxCoreRender usage is done with OpenCL on GPUs.
          Originally posted by user556 View Post
          Something went wrong with the LuxCoreRender tests, the 7742 only got about 50% of the 7601!
          It would be interesting to see the same test with a CPU that advertises itself as "Intel" but in fact is an AMD CPU. Intel is known for their "cripple AMD" function. Although Intel has lost unfair competition cases against AMD, the "cripple AMD" function is, according Agners Blog, still present to this day in Intels compilers.


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            Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
            Looking at those numbers....256 new threads and 8.57 FPS.

            So, like, do those tools also measure in Frames Per Day for regular people with regular systems?

            Besides, it's not for real-time rendering, it's renderfarm software.
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