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AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Is Working Well On Linux

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    It was traditionally, but clearly something's happened recently.


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      This is an awesome article with valuable information. And it is especially the title of the article along with the quoted paragraph what makes me happy.

      To much pleasure, the Ryzen 5 3400G hasn't caused me any grief in testing on Linux over the past few weeks. Even when using the same motherboards/firmware and Linux software components, this Picasso APU has behaved fine without any stability problems or other headaches.
      I still would have two questions:
      1) Can I assume that Ryzen 3 3200G would behave equally fine on Linux? After all, they are very close siblings. 🙂
      2) If you have any experience with using Ryzen 3 3200G on Linux, please post it here. You can also write what MB & RAM & distro you'are using. I believe there are lot of users, who would appreciate such info.

      Many thanks in advance.


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        Gigabyte I am/was using

        Ryzen 3200G (but the Ryzen 2200G ran perfectly fine as well, despite being a RMA)
        16 and 32GB RAM (cant remember the brands, but they're named)
        B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI
        ASUS ROG Strix B450-I
        Both running NVME drives (250GB and 1TB Intel), and HDD's (everything from 1TB to 8TB)

        Linux Mint and Manjaro (KDE) both ran perfectly fine, EXCEPT Manjaro XFCE which had some serious graphical issues crop up recently when I was just fiddling around.


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          Just saw this piece regarding Ryzen APU's:

          Other changes in this "fixes" pull request include two stability regression fixes for Raven Ridge APUs, which end up disabling S/G and GFXOFF for those Zen+Vega APUs. S/G apparently is still causing problems when IOMMU is enabled for some systems while the GFXOFF power-savings functionality still also has its own set of problems with select board/firmware combinations.
          from this article Mick just posted. So if you did have problems, there's a workaround for a GFX issue in the latest kernel. Not a fix, but hey, it's working for now.


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            Originally posted by stiiixy
            Thanks a lot for your replies. I gave you two likes as a reward. 🙂