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TurboSched Is A New Linux Scheduler Focused On Maximizing Turbo Frequency Usage

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    Indeed, POWER can turbo all cores indefinitely, as long as your cooling can handle it (exceptions for the very high core count models to not blow up the mobo).


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
      AMD CPUs don't care, they also have no artificial limit on boost clock duration. Only limit is thermal (= physical), if your heatsink is able to cool the system, the CPU can stay in "boost" indefinitely.
      This is way more complex on Zen 2. Not only thermals are taken into consideration but also voltage and current stability. The power management is so fast and responsive that even using a program with a wrong methodology of polling core voltage suffers from the observer effect and reports way higher loads/voltages in idle than in reality. What is more the chipset drivers on Windows take advantage of CPPC2 to switch the core power states way faster.

      AMD has even made Windows 10 scheduler aware of the core quality in the processor since different cores have different maximum boost and the scheduler will take advantage of that so light tasks are pinned onto the fastest cores. The 1903 update also allows the scheduler to be aware of CCX topology so that threads of a process can be scheduled in a way that avoids increased CCX-to-CCX latency (which has been improved in Zen 2). Standard Windows SMT-aware scheduling still applies.

      This leads to a situation in which the most demanding process will land on the best core with threads going to physical cores (instead of SMT) in the same CCX first.

      Tom's Hardware recently looked into this topic.

      Is there a Linux scheduler that will behave like this?


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        Originally posted by numacross View Post

        Is there a Linux scheduler that will behave like this?
        Maybe. Have you seen AMD Posts New CPUFreq Driver For CPPC Support With Zen 2 CPUs?


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          Originally posted by Marc.2377 View Post
          Yes, but unfortunately that is quite far away