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Intel Atom 2GB Memory Performance

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  • Intel Atom 2GB Memory Performance

    Phoronix: Intel Atom 2GB Memory Performance

    Most netbooks currently on the market offer 512MB or 1GB of system memory and only a single DDR2 SO-DIMM slot. However, with most of the netbooks a 2GB memory module could be easily installed, but what performance benefits does that yield for an Intel Atom powered device? In this article we have a few benchmarks comparing the 1GB versus 2GB memory performance on the Atom-powered Samsung NC10.

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    This is the kind of tests I like. Things that matter in real life. But would have liked to have seen one more thing. Would there be any difference in power consumption?


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      How strange that adding memory makes no difference for applications that aren't memory bound in the first place. A key thing you are missing in your analysis is the fact that your disk cache can grow much larger with 2GB of RAM. That's hard to measure but, as the disk is the slowest part of the machine, the less you have to access it, the faster your machine is.


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        Here's my benchmarks for the MSI Wind with 1gb and 2gb of ram.

        the 2gb onboard is 1gb onboard with 1gb addon, the 2gb addon means the onboard is disabled. to see the overclocked memory... 24%.