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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Linux Memory Scaling Performance

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    Originally posted by willmore View Post

    You're misunderstanding the meaning of latency here.

    If you're interested in decreasing latency, you're first thing to do is to move to all wired networking--wireless adds 8-10ms. The next step would be to get a fiber internet connection. For me, that saved about 30ms when I switched from cable: 32ms down to 2ms.
    Is this on FIOS, AT&T or Google Fiber if you don't mind my asking?

    My point is even if CL14 vs CL16 renders something 1ms quicker or sends a packet out 1ms quicker (kind of a big ask), this is only 1/50th the variance of visual reaction time of 50ms or more if human visual reaction time is between 200-250ms. Your reaction just needs to be 1ms worse for any latency gains to be nil. I'm not misunderstanding latency, just putting it in context of human reaction time.

    I'm not against low latency setups, just that the cost of one might not be right for every gamer.


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      Originally posted by audir8 View Post
      Is this on FIOS, AT&T or Google Fiber if you don't mind my asking?
      It's a regional ISP in the midwest USA. The alternative providers are Comcast (cable) and AT&T(DSL).


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        What is the speed benefit (geometric mean) if synthetic benchmarks (e.g., Memory copy) are excluded?

        I have a feeling that without those, the worst-best difference is less pronounced.