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AMD Shanghai Opteron CPUs On Linux

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    Originally posted by jidacoadway View Post
    I seem to have difficulty finding reviews relating to the AMD Dual Core Opteron 185. I believe its the last Socket 939 upgrade. The only thing I know about this cpu is from people from other forums saying how good it was. Any suggestions and comments as to where I can read a review about it, or you may have your own opinion or experience of it? How long has this cpu been around?
    Good chip, overclockable, somewhat old being around since the summer of 2006.


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      Looks like the Opteron 185 launched in March 2006. I don't have any experience with it but all the posts I saw seemed to think well of it. A number of posts commented that it was very similar to an FX-60 but with a locked multiplier and aimed at 24/7 server business. Seems to be around the -5000 level of performance; not sure what CPU you're running now.

      It apparently sold for a bit over $1000 originally, hope the price has come down
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        I still have one running in my Asus A8V-Deluxe, with 4GB of registered ECC DDR400. No problems with the chip itself, although the Asus BIOS didn't recognize it and therefore didn't enable C'n'Q for it. But I copied some ACPI tables from an Opteron 280 and tweaked them to get that enabled. It's actually still running OpenSUSE 10.2 with cherrypicked patches from 10.3; I've been loathe to update it because it's basically just humming along. Looking at my logs, "last reboot" was November 17 2007.

        It was around the $300 mark when I got it, replacing an X2 3000+ which I gave to a friend.


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          Originally posted by betabandido View Post

          does anyone know whether it is possible to perform DVFS on a per-core basis? That would mean that it is possible to set one core at frequency F1 and another core (in the same chip) at frequency F2 (F1!=F2).

          Have you performed any test like this one? For example the command 'cpufreq-info' can provide that information.

          Thank you for any information you can provide us on this.

          Best Regards,
          four month late, but yes. at least with phenom/phenom2