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A Look At The MDS Cost On Xeon, EPYC & Xeon Total Impact Of Affected CPU Vulnerabilities

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    You know what's funny? These CPU security flaws keep popping up just often enough to keep further CPU development relevant. Thus, in a way, Intel and AMD both benefit from these hardware bugs. The reason is that they get to churn out new chips with hardware mitigations, bringing the effective speed back up with the new architecture as opposed to implementing new optimizations to improve performance.

    I'd put on my tinfoil hat, but I don't think it has the latest mitigations.


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      Originally posted by sa666666 View Post
      And with that comment you point out that the Intel shills are already here.

      Can't this analysis be done objectively, keeping to the facts and without resorting to calling anyone you don't agree with a shill? Pointing out that AMD is doing better in a certain area isn't shilling; it's simply stating what is being proven to be a fact.
      The fact that you aren't a shill doesn't mean that there will be shills out there posting in this thread. I'm just saying that this is perfect shill fuel.

      In fact, I'm considering putting an AMD chip into my next computer.


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        Thanks a lot for the article. Given this one - - I think we can safely assume multiple cores need a full stop for the buffer clear operation, because the hit is surely improportional to the context switch time growth here if compared with lesser core CPU. Not as much as I expected, but probably only single CPU needs to stop (or even a part of it consisting of some cores), so it's yet to be found.


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          It seems too self evident to be fresh, but I have not seen it said that it would explain intel's surprising mini boom in server sales that propped up their numbers and shares recently.

          A datacenter down 25% in perf would need some rapid upgrades of more of the same.

          Its sad for retail investors. The more tech savvy and insiders have had a great opportunity to flip out of their shares at inflated prices.


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            > A datacenter down 25% in perf would need some rapid upgrades of more of the same.
            Or more of the AMD.


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              After current mitigation is before next...


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                These are the types of benchmarks where one wants to see percentages, not the raw unscaled numbers.