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Spectre - Hypothetical Fix

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  • Spectre - Hypothetical Fix

    I don't understand it, why not simply disable speculative execution and all Spectre problems are gone.

    It would result in 20% performance penalty on average, but many users would find it acceptable. (+-15% depending on application) I would rather take it, than this endless patching.

    I find it plausible that specualtive execution can be disabled by the CPU manufacturer, with some small effort. Likely, CPUs have a no-speculation mode anyway, used for debugging the microcode.

    Your thoughts?

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    I'ld bet its problematic from a legal standpoint. Then intel could be sued for selling hardware that was falsely declared in the first place. What they prolly could be already by now. But we all know where this will be going.

    Are there some news on what mitigations are happening in the Linux kernel to get the intel safe? I made the dumb mistake to buy an i7-7700HK in a laptop a while ago :/.
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