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AMD CES 2019 Keynote: Say Hello To Radeon 7 As 2nd Gen Vega

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    I'm hoping it has a little better in Linux from launch then the RX 590 did... Not assigning blame, just still a bit shell shocked over that. I certainly think it could make an interesting alternative to the RTX 2080 depending on where the performance metrics fall. Has me curious for sure.


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      Please AMD, you should be shipping your 7nm products NOW!
      Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm have been shipping 7nm-based products for a few months already.

      By mid-year - which likely means mid Q3, otherwise it would be Q2 - Intel will be very close to shipping their 10nm-based chips.


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post

        AMD hasn't communicated with me about Radeon 7 (yet; sure hope to be receiving review sample...). But assuming it's the new Vega IDs I reported back in December, if so that was just PCI IDs added and no other code changes. If it's not those PCI IDs, then it wasn't introduced yet, but I assume it's those IDs especially with this Vega part shipping next month and so otherwise there will not be Linux driver support in time.
        Thank you for the info.
        Good luck getting a review sample!


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          Originally posted by Imroy View Post
          Second-gen Vega? So no Navi any time soon then?
          Did they say that Radeon VII is not Navi?


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            Originally posted by microcode View Post

            Did they say that Radeon VII is not Navi?
            They clearly said it's Vega, so it's not Navi.


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              Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
              Radeon 7? This is confusing...

              First it was Radeon HD xx70/xx90. Then it was Radeon R9. Then it became Radeon RX x80. And now Radeon 7? People will confuse it with the mid-range Radeon R7...
              Don't forget Radeon Vega 3,5,7,10,20,56,64!

              Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
              Also, oh no... Why does Google want to provide *everything*???
              Because they want to know *everything*.

              Originally posted by Brisse View Post
              Probably 7 as in 7nm.
              That might have been a factor, however, I expect it to be more 7 as in Ryzen 7.
              Now as Intel released Core i9, they are going to have Ryzen 9 as well. And the Radeon line might be aligning with that. Small Navi/APU for Radeon 3/5, Vega20 for Radeon 7, Large Navi for Radeon 9?


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                Originally posted by shmerl View Post
                They clearly said it's Vega, so it's not Navi.
                Probably. OTOH, Vega M was also called "Vega" but was actually Polaris.

                Originally posted by mbello View Post
                Please AMD, you should be shipping your 7nm products NOW!
                I am sure that for a Feb 7 launch, AMD 7nm products are literally in shipping containers on actual ships right at this point in time.


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                  Originally posted by SyXbiT View Post
                  My bet is that Navi is being prioritized for the PS5.
                  That's what I think, too. "Vega"-like CUs were also seen first in console custom chips. They can probably get a better price from Sony or Microsoft if they offer them a custom design with some fancy new graphics unit.
                  Plus with AMD's trouble to implement stable drivers, it's probably easier for them to start with customers who (a) use one standardized hardware only and (b) don't give a damn about stability beyond the average playing time of one gaming session.


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                    I don't think this Radeon 7 card is really that great, lets see why.

                    300W design, no chance of small form factor.
                    $699USD is what the 2080RTX sells for.
                    2080RTX comes with bonus RTX Tensor cores which can be used to buff performance and quality well past radeon 7 levels.
                    NVIDIA is likely going to destroy it with the 11series which will be cheaper and faster and cooler... kaboom.

                    If this card was $500usd I'd be impressed.


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                      Radeon Vega on 7, at least that is how i read Radeon VII

                      As marketing says "THE WORLD’S FIRST 7nm GAMING GPU", so that is it - Vega on Moore's Law or Vega on 7
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