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ODROID-XU4: Much Better Performance Than The Raspberry Pi Plus USB3 & Gigabit Ethernet @ $60

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    An android tv box is cheaper and better option. TV boxes do have casing and power units.
    I bought one of those and then left it on the shelf. It is very hard to figure out what Linux to run: one that isn't a pile of hacks with limited future.
    If I remember correctly, the s912 has no open drivers for the video and so these hacky Linux images use VNC in some fashion to do graphics.
    My hats off to those who were able to do the hacking but little PCs (eg. Zotac Zbox) Just Work.


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      No UEFI/ACPI = No purchase.

      I have a piles of powerful embedded boards rotting in my closets, I'm not buying a single one until they provide a real general computing platform. They just keep choosing not to do so, even after ARM commissioned a study saying it was of paramount importance, and they also have multiple boot specifications to choose from depending on the targeted market.

      I don't buy non standard boards any longer.