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AMD Athlon 200GE: Benchmarking The $60 Zen+Vega Chip

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  • AMD Athlon 200GE: Benchmarking The $60 Zen+Vega Chip

    Phoronix: AMD Athlon 200GE: Benchmarking The $60 Zen+Vega Chip

    At the high-end of the AMD desktop CPU 2018 spectrum is the insanely fast Threadripper 2990WX while at the opposite end of that spectrum is the recently announced Athlon 200GE. For just $60 USD is this Zen+Vega chip that we have begun testing and have our initial Linux performance benchmarks out today compared to a range of lower-end and older desktop CPUs as well as integrated graphics test results, power consumption data, and performance-per-dollar metrics.

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    > That moire expensive

    Impressive performance for the price and TDP. I could see it being used in smaller home servers. 35 W is still a bit much for idle compared to, say, a raspberry pi, but I will probably destroy any SBC in performance (maybe AMD could inverstigate the possibility of a slower ARM/Risc-V coprocessor for idle work... If only their PSP was open...). No BIOS updates required?

    I also wonder what's causing the big perf jump in xonotic when going with the i7 5775C/Ryzen 3 2200G. Other GPU workloads don't seem to exhibit such a behaviour.


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      Gonna buy it for passive HTPC! With Arctic passive AM4 cooler...

      (well, after purchase of a flat...)


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        thanks for this complete and nice review, michael

        overall this APU is looking very good


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          Tempted to get one of this for a lower power coding machine that could be run from a small solar system


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            Nice Review,

            Maybe it was power saving options, or could be because of temperature..don't know,
            I have the impression that with a better heatsink it could do better .. I see some throttling, from half to end of power/temp graphs..

            Nice processor for the price!
            One more core would be perfect, but at 35W..!

            This type of processors could easily be paired with a dGPU,
            igpu for graphics, dGPU for computing in some companies.. at lower power draw.
            Is almost the perfect match, with one more core...and intel don't have nothing to respond..!

            But...Rocm, is not there, at least yet..


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              Price / Performance AMD is killing in the low-budget systems, probably even greater difference if you factor entire system cost. TDP is not bad either if one is going to leave it switched on. The things that matter to budget users...


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                Wow, that TDP and price is very tempting. May have to pick one of these up to replace my somewhat aging (read: historic) Sempron 1100le that's running my file server. I've got some DDR4 sitting around here somewhere so the price of the memory isn't going to be an issue. I just need to find a mobo with the right amount of SATA connectors I need and I'll be good to go.


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                  It would be interesting a comparison with the Arm SOCs.


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                    All I could think of looking at the graphs was holy shit, 2200g is GREAT. Ok, It's somewhat more expensive than 200GE, but significantly faster, and 3D chip is much better. I mean if you take CPU cost as % of entire system cost, 50 vs 100 GBP doesn't change it much.

                    Michael, your 3D benchmarks for 2400g seem to be missing from the graphs? It would be interesting to see if integrated GPU makes much difference under Linux between 2200g and 2400g.