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ARM Announces Cortex-A76 Processor, Mali-G76 & Mali-V76

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    Originally posted by RelaxTrolls View Post

    4.0?! Hell no. that's absolutely wrong, what I said is most likely correct... why?

    - 4.0 is EOL (for that reason alone, it won't be used.)
    - pixel 2 ships linux-4.4, which is the first 6yr extended LTS kernel (so pixel 3 will ship at least that kernel, but most likely 4.9...)
    - most of the EAS integration is happening on 4.9-eas-dev branch && there are stable 4.9 branches in AOSP now.. I would imagine that for the pixel 3, google will be wanting to be using EASv1.5+... the code could be backported to linux-4.4 (which I've done for my pixel's 3.18 kernel, but it's a pain && it seems like the android + eas integration is already great on 4.9).
    - there are features starting to be used in android that require 4.4+ kernels.

    there's absolutely no reason 4.0 would be used. i'm not sure where you get the impression that it would be...?
    Dude, are you frickin' kidding me? Didn't you see the emoticon I added to my post? It was obviously a joke, so calm your tits.


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      Originally posted by TheOne View Post
      Now I would like to see some SoC using this. I have been waiting for years to replace my power hungry x86-x64 equipment with a low power consumption arm board... I have been looking for low power x64 cpus (because of steam) but non convinces me because they perform really poor...
      If you want an affordable and fairly high spec board, the only real choice is to have one with the Rockchip RK3399. You can find them on boards like the rockpro64 or firefly-rk3399, but this chip still only has A72 cores.

      It's disappointing because after the A72 came the A73, A75, and now A76, cores, yet these are generally only available in phones or expensive development boards for OEMs.

      If you want an A73 board, you're looking at the Lenovator one with the Huawei Kirin 970, which has A73 cores, but then the price is about US$300!!
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