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RISC-V Benchmarks Of SiFive's HiFive Unleashed Begin Appearing

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    Originally posted by onicsis View Post
    RISC-V has a big advantage over competition, being open virtually anyone can contribute (even students) to improve HW design, development and manufacturing. Also same thing applying for software. ARM has 30 years in advancement, tens of thousands of contributors directly or indirectly. RISC-V can close the gap with ARM development in good time.
    From other Phronix benchmarks, NVIDIA Jetson TX2 is well well ahead of the competition, RISC-V has similar computing power to a Orange-PI ONE or PINE-64, ARM CorteX A7 or ARM Cortex-A53. RISC-V is on schedule evolving from implementation in FPGA as first step, to next step a low power consumption CPU.
    Rocket cores are already quite good on power usage.

    Do note that rocket that is the inorder and boom2 that is an out of order version of a risc-v is exactly the same silicon size. Yes same size to slightly smaller as A53 arm in order. Your out of order arm cores get bigger.

    Power usage has a lot to do with nm of production.

    Really for the 30 year head start arm is not that far ahead.


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      Originally posted by notgonnasay View Post
      This is a silly comparison without more data and normalized numbers. The Jetson TX2 is a fan-cooled 16nm process chip. I guess the Sifive chip is passively cooled? It is a 28nm chip, though, so comparing it directly against a 16nm one is a bit weird. Do they have the same TDP? If not, that should be taken into account as well. The performance should also be normalized by chip size or the number of transistors, to be able to judge the relative efficiency of their designs.
      Guess again It is dev board, so better safe than sorry there.

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        Originally posted by RSpliet View Post
        The only performance advantage the HiFive board has is the faster DRAM (DDR4-2400 vs. LPDDR-1866 for the TX2),
        Except TX2 has a 128-bit memory data bus vs. 64-bit for the HiFive Unleashed board.

        Nvidia claims the TX2's memory bandwidth is 59.7 GB/s.


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          Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
          Really for the 30 year head start arm is not that far ahead.
 if RISC V was designed in a complete vacuum.