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Intel Pentium vs. AMD Ryzen 3 Performance For Linux Gaming

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    OK, i found them... forgot "fan-kit" keyword

    But some are missing now it seems These from "From great to greatness" are fine

    GUI for supported Adrenalin distribution which works on X and W without overhead with head or not is our desire, as we are not in MS DOS times anymore or maybe we still are
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      To bring up something entirely else:
      I liked the AMD stock cooler better. The cable was hosed (which might make it less flexible, but a little safer to handle) and the cooler was not so open to the sided - so dangling cables can't be caught that easily.

      And why do motherboards look strange and stranger these days? I like to read the little lables and everything, but I don't need camouflage patterns or everything sprayed over in some colour or even huge cogs painted over the whole thing. I like to see the SMD elements clearly.
      This is like nasty splash screens during boot and init. They cover all the important things, paint it in fancy colours, but are of no use once you need to get under the hood.

      On the tests: Strange sometimes, indeed. But I'd go for the freedom driver in any case. Even though we saw recently that the RX560 had a strange performance in some tests against the RX550.
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        "The RX 560 also did much better with the Pentium G4600 when using the Radeon RX 560."
        Too much coffee or too little, I can't tell. :-)


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          Originally posted by Adarion View Post
          And why do motherboards look strange and stranger these days? .
          I like to say, they look more or less like 12 Chinese zodiac animals Dragons like to put fancy colours around.

          Guess what is RPi and what is Tinker board

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            Originally posted by duby229 View Post

            I get it, ignorant and proud of it. You should have just said that in your first post here so I could have ignored you. But you know, if you don't care to know, then you're not gonna know. Insisting that you're right on this when you've already admitted that you don't know and don't care to know is fairly wrong.
            Dungeon is not ignorant. Dungeon is just trolling you a bit. He is (like you) around phoronix forums since ages and is quite knowledgeable. I am surprised you did not notice that. Don´t you read names?
            If dungeon has one of his better days you might see, that he sometimes acutally contributes instead of having fun on cost of others.
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              Originally posted by dungeon View Post

              Please forget about CPUs, put an ARM CPU there and test cards if you want does not matter and I don't care really which one CPU is better here I only talk about GPU drivers diff here and this test is more than enough to me.
              Yes, it's enough for you since (a) it confirms your viewpoint, and (b) you had your mind made up before the benchmarks were even posted. So the reasoning is irrelevant.


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                It doesn't look bad for AMD if you set the Pentium and the Ryzen 3 to 3.4 GHz, i calculated it with the results from this Benchmarks, so i am sure with the Ryzen 2000 series, we will see equal Performance on Pentium G4600 and Ryzen 3 2200.
                Game RX 560 | Pentium G4600 @ 3.4 GHz RX 560 | Ryzen 3 1200 @ ~ 3.4 GHz
                BioShock Infinite 129.63 121.95
                Counter Strike: Global Offensive 146.63 151.27
                Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 37.37 40.1
                Dawn of War III 36.62 38.14
                Mad Max (Camp Hollow Point) 58.41 62.59
                Mad Max (Stronghold) 52.79 55.52
                Mad Max (Hope, Glory and Dog is Dead) 56.35 59.08
                Mad Max (Landmover) 63.61 67.27
                OpenArena v0.8.8 231.48 230.3
                Portal 435.47 455.06
                Serious Sam 3: BFE 101.56 146.45
                Tesseract v2014-05-12 286.62 274.55
                Team Fortress 2 115.72 110.07
                Tomb Raider 109.84 114.37
                Xonotic v0.8.2 202.23 194.06
                DiRT Rally 87.54 86.91


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                  Very interesting article, it seems that mesa's multi-threading is almost nonexistent compared to nvidia.
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                    Originally posted by cRaZy-bisCuiT View Post
                    @AMD: What is wrong with you? For a few weeks / months the prices for 560 / 570 /580 were at least almost back to its original level.

                    Now I'd need to pay 330 € for a 570 and 350 € for a 580? Instead of whining crypto miners buy your cards you should be happy to earn that much money! And at the same time you should make sure to deliver!
                    We don't earn that money - AFAIK the retailers/distributors are marking up the cards, not us.
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                      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
                      Dual core cpus are over 10 year old technology. When a 100 usd Leeco Le S3 smartphone has 10 CPU cores, a PC should have at least four. Tomb Raider 2013 is a well implemented game and that benchmark is all that matters. Use a non debug 1000Hz timer custom kernel and disable unused systemd services. For a budget PC the AMD Athlon X4 950 3,5 GHz is the best CPU and a AM4 motherboard does have a upgrade path to Ryzen. GTX750 from is the best GPU for a budget gaming PC.
                      "Outdated" or not I would sure like to have an i3 7350K.
                      Or for something lower power still there's that dual core, 3 CU, single channel Zen 2 APU that comes out in 2019, if I'm not wrong on specs..