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GA-K8NS Pro Lock-up

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    Hi not in this case believe me i have tried every option,cmos clearing, battery removal, and more, othing makes a difference, I reckon the bios chip has become corrupt, well at least hat is what gigabyte are saying, the only way out is to have the motherboard flashed by the manufacturer, wwho has the tools to do it. as it is out of warranty its going to be interestig to see the outcome, I think the problem is if you have two drives connected as a raid array, on the silicone image sata ports on this motherboard, and no other drives connected ie ide drives, the new f14c bios update will not run correctly, and fails half way through, leaving the bios unusale, if dual boot facility runs, after bios update failure, and you try again, this maybe i guess, puts the default settings back on the motherboard, and of course, it will not boot into the silicone image raid configuration, as it has been changed by the dual boot bios to default, for some reason, this have upset the bios, and on restart again, it just shows cmos checksum error,on reflection, the way to go would have been if aftre bios update failure, and dual boot runs, on restart, the bios must be accessed immediately, and settings changed to whatever the configuration was present at the time, in my case the bios settings, needed to be changed to the silicone image controller raid array config, and saved before proceeding . so if dual boot runs, then bios must be accessed on the first restsrt, and saved to the configuration of the computer set up. this is a guess, i cannot find any reference to iut in the gigabyte instructions


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      Upgrade ! ?

      If it's going to cost you, i recommend to trash the board and upgrade. I spent weeks looking on ebay for an nforce3 250 socket 754 board that would overclock my sempron 3400+. But the prices were high.

      I eventually spent about twice the money on a cut back E5200 Core2Duo (2MB L2, 800FSB, 2.5GHz) and a 4CoreDual-Sata2 mobo, and am very glad i did. This next-gen 45nm chip is seriously fast, with much overlocking ability, uses less power than the fairly low power sempron, and is super fast. The mobo's Sata2 support has noticeably upped my Q4 loading speeds, and though it has some budget features, has been rock solid so far.

      I disliked buying intel at first... I've used AMD K6-380/500/k63-400/k7-750/Athlon XPs, and the P4 was almost as bad a product as Vista imho, but the Core2Duos are just too good to ignore.

      Sorry for the rant ;>. Anyway, this particular board probably wont suit you because it only has two sata.


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        Hi i am having to remove themotherboard, and Gigabyte have kindly agreed to Fash corectly for a minimal sum,the cosy of postage very reasonable, I have other more powerful computers, so i am happy to do this, as this is used for specific purpose, and to be honest, the amout of speed gained fom a P4 3.4 Single core pentium, compared to core 2 duo, well i have been editing video, and 3 hour films i have faultlessly edited, without any problems, so unless one feels like they must have the latest, then it really is not nessessary to upgrade until the computer/s you use will not perform the tasks you need them to do, it is comforting, to know one has the latest but usually i think a little unnessesary. ps i got the hyperthreding p4 3.4 off ebay for 72 pounds faithfully


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          I had exactly the same problem, I couldn't get into Dual BIOS config cause it would just freeze on the loading RAID screen. So after trying to reset the CMOS and booting with nothing plugged in I thought this is a pretty stupid system gigabyte, that I can't use a jumper to select a BIOS..
          Unfortunately my BIOS's are not in a socket (like on some pics of the board I have seen) they are soldered, else I would have just removed the main BIOS.

          Then I found a fix, by shorting pins 3 & 4 (going down from the top on side of the the BIOS closest to the Northbridge) using a screwdriver head. This fooled the bios into thinking it was corrupt and it reverted into the backup bios.
          Then I went into the Dual-Bios setup and enabled all the features and restarted. It then decided to restore the main bios from the backup and now all is ok.
          To Note I did try doing the 'restore Main bios from backup bios' first in the Dual-Bios but it froze, so maybe that corrupted the main bios enough for it to detect to restore it after I enabled all the settings.

          Found some of the info here -

          Hope this helps someone else in the future if they come across this thread like I did


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            Thank you!!!

            Thank you so much bLr_Strontium!!
            I have been searching for 3 weeks to find a fix for the @bios update fail
            I cant thank you enough thanks to your post I can finally use my main computer again!