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problems with Asus M3A78-EM

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    Originally posted by xenios View Post
    The Gigabyte tech support guy I asked about it stated my 85c temp reading was normal for that board's NB. Those 'bogus' reports might be why they replaced one of their best selling boards with a new number and a better NB heatsink.
    I just ran the GPU overclocked to 800 Mhz for a couple of hours, it runs stable but now the heatsink is getting a little hot. However lm-sensors still reports 89C when idle an 92C during gaming...

    I just wish ATI/AMD would update their driver and aticonfig utility so we can use ATI Overdrive with this IGP.


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      However lm-sensors still reports 89C when idle an 92C during gaming...
      Doubt I'll OC as the default settings suit my needs. If you haven't tried it, lap/reseat the heatsink with good paste and replace the spring-loaded clamps with bolts/nuts for better heat transfer... might shave a few degrees off those temps.


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        As I mentioned in my first post my GA-MA78GPM-DS2H has a working sensor and it damn has the same NB heatsink as the GA-MA78GM-S2H rev1.1 I had! the difference lies on the reported temperatures these motherboards supply to your monitoring programs.

        My current GA-MA78GPM-DS2H reports 45C right now whit firefox and music going, so it counts as idle I would say. Goes to 70-75C in 100% load on all 4 cores. The GA-MA78Gm-S2H rev1.1 whit same heatsink reported damn high 89C idle and 127C max in full load... >_>; (how is that right in any way but to say it gives you the wrong numbers?! it's the same chipset and heatsink dammit!)
        I can see whit the Gigabyte technical support saying the 85C is about normal temp for the northbridge on these motherboards. But you gotta take that as the FULL LOAD temperatures and not idle temperature >_>;
        I can in no way think they meant the temperature would actually be idle temperature.
        And it's not a problem in any way on having it in that temperature really either... (then I mean full load)
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          Gigabyte boards are always screaming hot.