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DFI lanparty NF590 cooler reccomendation?

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  • DFI lanparty NF590 cooler reccomendation?

    Anyone have a reccomendation for a good heat sink and fan assembly for this mobo? We just got it and had ordered a Zalman 9700 for it, but it is gonna cover at least one of the ram slots. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have a Nemesis case.


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    Look at my sig for the full info, but the Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 works fine in my setup, and all RAM slots are accessible and currently in use. Now I have no experience with the 9700, but here are the sizes that I've found for both:

    CNPS9500 AM2: 112x126x85mm
    9700: 90x124x142mm

    From those dimensions its hard to tell whether or not it will work, but two out of the three measurements given are smaller on the 9700. Where did you hear that it definitely would cover one of your slots so much that it would be inaccessible?


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      Yeah, I had seen your specs before and was hoping you'd reply.. My info is purely from measuring based on the reccomendations from Zalman's site. THey say you need 56mm clearance measuring from the center of the cpu out towards the edges, which definitely covers the first slot fully and may interfere with the second slot (counting over from the CPU that is) I was also a bit worried about the weight of the thing...Do you have your case with the mobo vertical?


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        Yep... the case (and mobo) is vertical. I actually have a good amount of clearance between the heatsink and the closet RAM stick... enough to easily take the stick out if needed. In fact, I had originally bought 2GB then later decided to buy the next 2GB and installed that without having to remove the heatsink. If you are still worried about it though you could find out exactly which axis each of the above measurements are for, and then I could measure the distance from my closest RAM slot to the heatsink.

        If you are ordering from a place that has a good return policy I would just go with whatever small risk there is in it not fitting.


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          Actually, if I understand the system you have correctly, you have the DFI lanparty UT NF590 with the Zalman 9500 for AM2 socket, right. So that is what I have, so it should fit. That would be great. (Actually I have the 9700, but have already RMA'd it to newegg to get the smaller 9500 verstion.) This is a big relief....I was dreading searching through all the different coolers again. Our son is actaully building the system with my help, but we are both pretty new to it all.

          Thanks so much!


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            Let us know how it goes. I"m a huge fan of this board, and I've had plenty of success in getting it configured with Linux. I've been meaning to install a 64-bit distribution of some type for weeks now though, since the system isn't seeing as much of the memory as possible with a 32-bit OS. See this thread for more info on that:


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              Thanks so much. We will give it a try...wish us luck.


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                Good luck, be sure to report back how it goes.
                Michael Larabel