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If You Use An ASUS Motherboard & Hit A Linux Issue, Hopefully It's On This List

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  • If You Use An ASUS Motherboard & Hit A Linux Issue, Hopefully It's On This List

    Phoronix: If You Use An ASUS Motherboard & Hit A Linux Issue, Hopefully It's On This List

    If you are using an ASUS motherboard with Linux and run into a issue like a UEFI/BIOS bug or another Linux compatibility problem with the board, hopefully your motherboard and distribution/version are part of this list...

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    While the list is quite depressing, it's way better than Gigabyte's which outright stated a few years ago they don't support Linux.


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      well my mobo it' s on the list, but i dont have to worry, running just fine on archlinux.


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        That list also has a mysterious "Fedora SuSe (Open)" distro... They clearly have no idea on what they're doing.


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          My custom PC is made of mostly Asus parts. Never had any problems.


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            Originally posted by r1348 View Post
            That list also has a mysterious "Fedora SuSe (Open)" distro... They clearly have no idea on what they're doing.
            They probably have some DVD images that they install and then do a smoke test and call it a day.


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              I have a Asus Z87-Pro and I had to disable the third-party on-board ASMedia USB circuitry on the UEFI, else my boot would be delayed by 30 seconds.


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                My motherboard is Z170-DELUXE - not on the list - and occasionally it hangs so badly, not even the reset buttons works. Mint MATE 64-bit (based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, kernel 4.2)


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                  Being an engineer responsible for Linux on the desktop at a PC manufacturer I think this list is not that bad. Or in other words, how should that list look like to be not "depressing" as user bug77 said? What are you expecting from a mainboard or PC vendor to put in such a list?

                  Keep in mind that somebody has to do the work and the list, this means first of all "costs" to the vendor, and they want a RoI for the effort spent. Then think about the market share that Linux on the desktop has and ask yourself, if you would spent a lot money for the maybe few users that really need such a list.

                  Sure, this list is very basic, but come on, if I know that an Ubuntu 12.04 is running on that hardware I'm very confident that I also get Debian 8 running as well, even if its not on that list. The same should be true for the RHEL vs. CentOS question, so hey, if the support denies questions for CentOS then tell them you use RHEL.

                  And as far as the Skylake plattform is concerned you need to realize that Skylake support is just entering the various distributions. So, at the moment I see full support in Ubuntu 12.04.4 and Fedora 23. openSUSE leap 42.1 still has issues when you use the CPU graphics and so you better switch to openSUSE Tumbleweed when you want to go on that road. RHEL got Skylake in 6.7 or 7.2 and SLES/SLED got it with 11 SP4 or 12 SP1, even if there are still issues with standby-mode.

                  So really, what would you like to have in that list? When I'm doing compatibiity testing I use a nice test management system that could create a 100 pages test report telling you exactly what tests were performed how and what was the result and when and so on. Nobody (except the auditors for ISO900x ) would really like to read that. If I would like to put a "Known issues with Linux" document out in the public then Marketing and Sales will object to that. No vendor wants to tell you about problems. So the best "result" that a technical person could achieve is a list like the one of Asus that says "we successfully tested those distributions" (not telling you what successfully really means). And if you're lucky the support department receives the list of known issues for every entry of the public list so that they can help you in case you hit such an issue.

                  Just my 2 cents, able to look at this list from "the other side".


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                    Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
                    Product Name: AM1M-A
                    Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
                    Version: 1301
                    Release Date: 08/19/2015

                    works ok here on generic LFS linux 4.4.2, but had to put my 1600mhz ddr3 on 1333
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