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Please , help needed with motherboard

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  • Please , help needed with motherboard

    I need help with deciding which motherboard will be the best option for me.
    My specs:
    Graphics card: Gtx 280
    Processor: Intel quad core Q9450
    Memory: 4gigs of DDR3

    I am trying to decided between Asus P5Q3, bonetrail and the bonetrail 2. I am only willing to spend the extra cash for the bonetrail 2, if i need to. If you know of a better motherboard at the same price range then please tell me.
    Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.


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    Any current P45 board should do. DDR3 is useless anyway, so you can simply go for DDR2.


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      X38 chipset is also a good option (the new X48 is too expensive and isn't faster performance-wise). The Asus P5E costs about 120/130€. DDR3 is too expensive and won't really give you anything.

      Edit: If you want to have the DDR3 option open and the "leet" X48 chipset, Asrock is producing a very nicely priced X48 board (about 160€) which supports DDR2 (4GB) as well as DDR3 (8GB). It's also a very good performer and overclocker:
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        X38/P48 is only needed for CrossFire, but he wants Nvidia, so absolutely unimportant if you have got one or two 16x PCI-E slots. If you want to use SLI you would need a 780i based board.


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          Oops, sorry. Didn't notice the GTX280.


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            Thanks for the help