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A Modern Server Motherboard Is Now Supported By Coreboot/Libreboot

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  • A Modern Server Motherboard Is Now Supported By Coreboot/Libreboot

    Phoronix: A Modern Server Motherboard Is Now Supported By Coreboot/Libreboot

    One of the frequent complaints about Coreboot/Libreboot when ported to new hardware (sans Chromebooks) is that it's often for rather old laptops or motherboards that are a number of years old and generally not even being still manufactured. To much pleasure, there's now a (AMD) server motherboard that's still in production and will work with Libreboot for initializing the system without requiring any proprietary blobs...

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    ...and if we take a look on Intel: - basically Intel took over complete control on any Intel PC produced since 2006, tivoized it to the hell most of them and anyone using Intel PC can count on being backdoored. Without chanced to get rid of backdoor in boot sequence. Nice.

    That's why Intel is very opensource-unfriendly in the very core. You can't even get full control on "your" hardware. And Intel keeps their "agents" and "insiders" in boot sequence and during runtime.


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      That minifree offer is pretty weird, but seems to include more than just the board. They refer to it as a server, and refer to an included *power supply* and that they will throw in a wire that has a plug that matches your shipping address. Further down though, they give case size recommendations. Who the hell sells a server board and power supply and not a case? Its not like server cases of all different sizes all fit the same power supply.

      Also note that it *includes* the SAS module, which is $150 extra over just the mainboard.

      So realistically, their price isn't that far out of line from the amazon prices. $150 for the SAS module, a SERVER power supply (for which you wouldn't be using a crappy $75 desktop power supply), and you get up, at least within a stone's throw of their price.