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Foxconn Does Hate Linux Support

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  • Foxconn Does Hate Linux Support

    Phoronix: Foxconn Does Hate Linux Support

    Receiving publicity on SlashDot today is word that Foxconn refuses to support Linux. Foxconn is a large OEM motherboard manufacturer, but according to a thread on the Ubuntu Forums, they refuse to support Linux...

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    It actually appears to be more the case that they are actually sabotaging linux.There are two dsdt tables. Windows gets the working one and linux gets the broken one. The when modified to use the windows table things are magically unbroken...


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      It's incredible how stupid they can be.
      Many thanks to that guy on Ubuntu forum, I'll never go for a Foxconn mobo.


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        Oh wow. Somehow this information slipped by me and I've come dangerously close to buying Foxconn motherboards in the past. Something to keep in mind going forward and as always I appreciate Phoronix's unique and invaluable perspective on the hardware industry.


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          That's crazy!

          Do you mean Foxconn is deliberately making broken mainboards to unsupport linux? But why?? No, please, don't come out with MS-conspiracy!

          So Foxconn does hate linux support? fine. Then linux supporters will hate Foxconn.
          And my next mainboard won't be a Foxconn.


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            On Linux, the DSDT can be replaced very early in the boot process. Unless they've gone out of their way to prevent this or the bug is so serious that it won't even start the kernel (unlikely) then it should be just a case of fixing the bug. This can be done with Intel's iasl compiler. If the DSDT given to Windows really does work then you could even just replace it with that one.

            But meh, I've never even heard of them anyway. Fuck em.


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              Originally posted by Chewi View Post
              But meh, I've never even heard of them anyway. Fuck em.
              They are only one of the largest OEM motherboard manufacturers around, if not the largest.


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                if that's the new anti-linux microsoft strategy, than i'm really, really scared of what they might pull next. fortuately for me i'm not so wealthy to buy new hardware as soon as it hits the market, so i can always check beforehand how does certain piece of hardware work with linux and decide to buy or not to buy it, based on other's opinion.

                crippling the bios so that it doesn't work for other os'es...let's hope other hardware vendors won't follow. and here i thought the times of winmice and winmodems were over.


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                  Whilst this is nasty linux kernels later than 2.6.24 stop reporting themselves as linux due other bioses bugginess when dealing with linux.


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                    It's always good to know what not to buy.
                    Now I have a bias against them.
                    I will tell anyone who asks that their motherboards are buggy and the company refuses to fix their non standard compliant motherboards because it's not financially viable for them to have happy customers if they need to hire an engineer that knows what he's doing to do so.

                    It's bending the truth, much like Foxconn is doing. =]
                    I hope the bad rap spreads like wildfire.