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    Originally posted by justsumdood View Post
    i also have this board and am running kubuntu 8.04 LTS.

    after a month of tinkering and googling, i have discovered u need to do this:

    edit /boot/grub/menu.list and add a kernel boot parameter consisting of:


    (see this wiki article here for more info:

    also, this onboard NIC uses the forcedeth driver(your ubuntu install may already be loding it).

    prior to making this adjustment to my kernel boot parameter, the nic would "work", but after pulling an IP address, it would packet-storm the hell out of my network and cause all the other nodes to lose connectivity.

    now if anyone could explain to me why i can't plug in more than one USB device without losing the functionality of ALL attached USB devices i would be dancing a jig (otherwise i can't really complain about this board)>
    sorry to reply to my own post and to dig up an old thread, but just in case anyone else out there may be having issues with the USB and this board:

    i discovered that the USB hub in the base of my monitor was USB 1.1 while the ports on the board i was using are USB 2.0. Hardy Heron and the kernel version used have issues with USB devices used in this fashion. The fix was simply for me to buy a powered USB 2.0 hub. I now have a mouse keyboard and USB headset all functioning fine with the system, granted the keyboard i needed to plug directly to an onboard USB port, as having all 3 plugged into the hub would cause weird behaviour such as pressing a key once and an infinite repeat of the letter would result.

    Currently i am testing Jaunty (Kubuntu 9.04) on my laptop for any issues that could pop up from a Hardy upgrade and assessing if upgrading to jaunty would be feasible on this board.