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  • Tyan Thunder n3600M

    Phoronix: Tyan Thunder n3600M

    Two months ago we had looked at the Tyan Tempest i5400XT motherboard, which was Tyan's latest product based upon Intel's newest workstation chipset and had support for dual Intel Xeon quad-core processors. We found the Tempest i5400XT to be a real winner and everything had worked terrific with Linux. Today we are looking at another Tyan workstation motherboard but the tides have turned as we look at their latest AMD dual quad-core solution, the Tyan Thunder n3600M. The Thunder n3600M motherboard supports dual AMD "Barcelona" Opteron processors, 16 sticks of DDR2 RAM, and eight SAS ports, among other stunning features.

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    I use one of these for a personal workstation and am very pleased. I got it mostly because I was tired of changing hardware every 18 months and opted for a platform that could reasonably give good, even very good, performance for 5 years. I started with a single 2210 cpu (dual core) and a single Kingston 2Gig DDR2 memory piece. Performance was good and when I need more I can populate the other socket and add ram for the foreseeable future but need not change the mobo to do so. One more note: I recently added a second identical piece of RAM and memtest86's reported RAM bandwidth went from 14K MB/sec to 21K. Shows what the dual rank design can do when you actually use it.



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      I've used Tyans in the corporate system for years dating back to the socket 7 days. They have delivered not one minutes worth of pain. Rock solid boards.