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GNU/Linux and the nForce 790i

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  • GNU/Linux and the nForce 790i

    Does anyone know what GNU/Linux compatibility will be like (or is like) on the new nForce 790i based motherboards? Do the nVidia closed-source drivers work? what about the drivers in the GNU/Linux kernel?

    I'm looking at one of these boards for my next upgrade, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks :-)

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    Bleeding edge hardware is always a problem in Linux. Still, as far as I know, the new 790i chips are but a refresh of the 780i chips, so there should be some form of support, but don't quote me on that. And I though nvidia stopped providing drivers for their motherboards?


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      Let me use your thread to ask the same thing about the new AMD SB7x0 Southbridge... I am going to upgrade to the B3 Phenom + 790FX/SB710 platform very soon...


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        Support for SB700 is starting with the 2.6.24 kernels, but I haven't heard anything on the subject for a while.


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          I have a few SB700 mobos waiting to be tested... hope to get to them soon.
          Michael Larabel


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            Kernel 2.6.25 is ready by the next week or two so SB700 should be no problem then... just what I've expected


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              Originally posted by d2kx View Post
              Kernel 2.6.25 is ready by the next week or two so SB700 should be no problem then... just what I've expected
              The SB700 is no problem on my ECS 780GM board. I have been running this m/b with a Phenom 9500 for 10 days and no problems yet.

              Using kernel 2.6.24 and Slackware. I am using a Nvidia graphics card with nvidia 169.12 driver until i can test the integrated ATI HD3200 graphics with the radeonhd driver which is not yet ready for the HD3200.


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                Let me take this opportunity to take us back to the question the original poster had asked !!

                Has any one has had success with using 790i board with linux ? If yes, how do you go about over clocking and monitoring etc ? Did you get all the MB components (LAN, sound chip etc) recognized and working in linux ?

                Thanks for any help on this issue ?


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                  No takers ?


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                    Seems to work

                    Got a good review here: