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Tyan Tempest i5400XT (Intel 5400)

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  • Tyan Tempest i5400XT (Intel 5400)

    Phoronix: Tyan Tempest i5400XT

    When the Intel Quad-Core "Clovertown" Xeon processors were introduced in late 2006 we had reviewed (among other motherboards) the Tyan Tempest i5000XT (S2696) motherboard. We had found this i5000X-based motherboard to work incredibly well with Linux and it ended up being awarded with our Editor's Choice Award for its impressive feature-set, Linux compatibility, and top-notch performance. It has been a while since last looking at a Tyan motherboard, but with the emergence of Intel's Wolfdale and Harpertown processors requiring new motherboards, today we are looking at the Tempest i5400XT S5396 motherboard. The Tempest i5400XT is similar to the i5000XT, but it's been upgraded to the new Intel 5400 MCH.

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    Hello I am just writing this to respectfully disagree with your review of this board. I simply cannot see why any product that contains a TPM can be given a 10/10 on a site dedicated to open hw and sw . I read Phoronix almost daily and I read the articles you posted recently about the opentheblob site asking for specs or an open driver from Nvidia. In fact, I just wrote an e-mail to EVGA asking them to encourage NV to help us out. In my mind, having a closed driver for a vid card is much less of a problem than having hardware where being closed is its main "feature." What I have read about TPM's makes them the mortal enemy of open source software and privacy.

    I do not doubt that this board has excellent features and performance, but I would not give it a 10/10 for open source users. Vista users on the other hand...


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      TPM though can be disabled from the BIOS quite easily...

      It wouldn't be cost effective for Tyan (or any other vendor) to offer a TPM and no-TPM model with the same exact hardware and at least with this motherboard it can be cleanly disabled.
      Michael Larabel


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        Raid 5 under Linux?

        Hi, Thanks for the great review.

        I am considering buying this motherboard. Could you please let me know if this motherboard can easily do RAID 5 under Ubuntu/Linux? Thanks!


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          Could you post your sensors.conf file here?

          I got the board and having a little trouble with lm-sensors (never used it before). Would be great to get a headstart !


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            I don't have that conf handy right now, but it was as simple as running sensors-detect as root and then hitting yes to everything and then writing the sensors file. Have you tried that?
            Michael Larabel


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              cheers for the response, I've allready done that, it's just I was hoping you made a nice .conf file with names for the sensors and eliminated the ones that were at -67C constantly or something (not at the machine anymore so i can't remember quite what it was.)

              No worries i'll work out how to do my own.