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Linux Developers Jump Quickly On ACPI 5.1, Helps Out ARM

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    ACPI is a broken standard.

    ACPI was developed for x86 in mind from the beginning. It had no considerations for real abstraction models.
    Although it could be adapted to other architectures/platforms it still remains utterly broken.
    To have to majorly revise core structures to adapt to something purposely built as an abstraction layer is ridiculous.
    The problem is that they did not think it through for other architectures some 15+ years ago.
    I think the first revision had "support" for the Itanium platform but that was about it.


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      Yes but it greatly beats the status qoe

      I've been working with ARM boars for some years, and maintaining the lower level code is significantly more complicated than it is for x86.
      With ARM we have no platform, something we all take for granted on x86. This means we can't...

      1. Create a generic bootable USB image, like we do all the time now.

      2. Initialize hardware in a generally accepted manner, and get a full grub with work equal to x86.

      Can it be done without a platform? Yup, thats what we do now, and it hurts so bad it just cannot exist. Literally the lack of platform has ensured ARM would forever remain in the embedded sphere.

      So is ACPI/UEFI the best platform? If i was in the business of choosing a cleaner one, and getting industry to go along with me? No it's bloated and yadda yadda, you know what parts suck I'm sure.

      But is this ACPI/UEFI platform standard coming to ARM a bad thing? OMG no!!! Give me the problems of ACPI and even super bloated UEFI ANY DAY. Compared to the process of creating a linux system on x86, even on UEFI, ARM is practically hell. Linux on ARM is literally embedded development, every single time, for every single board. The only reason we ever had some good examples, is because one single board gets so popular we can share some work finally... like the samsung chromebook, or pandaboard.