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ASUS H97M-E mobo and i5 4690 Linux compatibility

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  • ASUS H97M-E mobo and i5 4690 Linux compatibility

    Hi guys,
    I'm planning about buying an assembled desktop pc including these components:

    Motherboard ASUS H97M-E Socket 1150 Intel H97 DDR3 SATA3 USB3 MicroATX
    CPU Intel Core i5 4690 Socket 1150 3,5GHz 6MB 22nm HD Graphics 4600 Boxed

    I think they should work with Linux Ubuntu, but I didn't find any specific information aboout those exact models. Could someone please confirm me if they should be compatible with Linux?

    Thank you in advance for any help :-)


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    looks like the lan will work fine, i found a few reports of that nic chipset vanishing sounds like a issue i had with my m4a79xtd evo, a few months later the nic went and poofed out of existence
    reboot did not fix it i have to tun my psu off for a few seconds and reboot to get it back, it became more and more frequent and i picked up a cheap PCI nic
    i did find a current issue with the audio chipset, sounds like a kernel bug that is probably ubuntu 14.04 specific

    when you say assembled do you mean liker a hp or dell or a custom build by somebody you know? i can pick out a decent board on newegg for you if you want


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      are you getting a hp, dell, etc or having somebody you know build it?
      i did some reasurch on the LAN/audio on that board
      Looks like the lan may be flaky and vanish on you, i had that issue before reboot did not work i have to power down and turn the PSU off to get it to come back
      The audio chip looks like there could be a issue with the current Ubuntu 14.04 kernel, i found a ~3 hour old bug report saying it worked in 3.13.0-29 and broke in 3.13.0-30 so it should just be a ubuntu specific bug
      i did some looking you may want a ASRock H97M Pro4 or ASUS H97M-PLUS board as they have a Intel LAN chip and if you have a issue with the audio you can always use the mainline kernel the audio chips have been supported since about the start of 2011


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        Hi and many thanks for you reply

        Yes, I mean a custom build suggested by someone I know, but he normally uses Windows as his first OS.

        So the problems may be with the audio drivers and with the LAN nic? In you first reply you wrote the lan may be flaky and vanish, while in the second one you wrote "looks like the lan will work fine". I goggled around and found some issues about the nic, but all with Ubuntu 12.04 or older. May the nic problems be related to the kernel and so with newer kernels it could work?



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          when it comes to issues with chipsets no news is good news, so if threads stopped getting made about them they should work fine on a current linux kernel
          by flaky and work just fine i mean fully supported, but the chipset is not reliable, well it may have just been a defective chip it did not look like a wide spread issue.
          I have had a NIC (Realtek 8112L) on my old board that would from time to time when i power the system up (wake/boot) the LAN no longer exist as if it was removed on a hardware level, if you were dual booted and when to windows it would not have the NIC either, the system had to be shutoff at the PSU for it to come back into existence, i switched PCI card (RTL8169S-32) when it started dong it about every week or two. BTW that PCI card could only perform at about 80% of gigabit
          IMO better off avoiding the possible issue and grab a Intel LAN chipset when possible, when it comes to a random realtek chipset you are rolling the dice on reliability/performance


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            All clear, thanks for you feedback


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              Originally posted by thetall82 View Post
              All clear, thanks for you feedback
              If you can find the ASUS H97M-PLUS, it's probably only $10 more? It has an Intel NIC (LAN).