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Coreboot-compatible motherboard for desktop Intel processor

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  • Coreboot-compatible motherboard for desktop Intel processor


    I am looking to build a computer, my first one. As I'll use Gentoo, I've looked for a powerful processor and a compatible GPU that is good enough for regular desktop usage; the Intel Haswell 4770K seems to be perfect. However, I would also like to have a system as free as possible, and I was wondering if there's any suitable motherboard.

    For what it's worth, I am considering this wireless card (I need a wireless connection). I am not sure if the PCI interface is a good choice taking security into account, however.

    I don't know much about Coreboot yet, but, from what I've found, it seems it has very basic support for desktop boards. However, the more I read about security is the more circumspect I become, and I wonder: is it possible to merge powerful hardware with freedom? Or is industry's progress killing our rights? Perhaps these two last questions should be ignored, but I am fearful about the future, and can only wonder where is this all going to drive us.