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AMD Gizmosphere Support Comes To Coreboot

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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    But does it work with Coreboot?
    No that's true. If you want Coreboot support, AMD is your only option (for x86).


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      Again AMD is great on coreboot support. The board is sadly a bit pricy but let's not forget that all these development boards are.
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        Originally posted by runeks View Post
        I agree that it's too expensive. For $178 you can get an Intel NUC with 2 GB ram (double that of this board), and you can expand with more RAM later, if necessary.
        Those are nice too, but as someone else mentioned earlier they are for a different audience. The NUCs you pointed at are just retail products, while Gizmosphere is a dev board complete with open schematics + gerber files, firmware sources, BOM, JTAG port, etc. It's more comparable to Intel's Minnowboard, only Gizmo is more powerful and also offers a true open source firmware solution.