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  • Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R


    I saw the postings about the DS3P. Has anybody tried the DS3R with Linux?

    I'm somewhat of a beginner when it comes to choosing a Linux distribution and a motherboard that work together. I read an article (about the DS3L) that says it mostly works with Linux. Just a few questions:

    1) Can I make a RAID (either 1 or 5) boot drive using the DS3R motherboard and then have this dual boot from within Linux?

    What is the sequence I should use to make a dual-boot (of say, Fedora and WinXP) with drives RAID'ed using the motherboard's BIOS?

    2) Gigabyte's web site says to visit manufacturer pages for Linux drivers for the motherboard. Does anybody know if Ethernet, RAID, sound, USB, etc. (from the motherboard) all work out-of-box for Fedora or any other Linux distro? If not, what's the best way to install with these things?

    Is any similar motherboard better to use with Linux? I'm looking for on-board RAID, good sound, SATA 3.0, dual core processors like the E6750.

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can give a beginner.

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    RAID 0 should work with Kanotix. For RAID 5 I already have got a patched kernel, but no Live cd yet. The Ubuntu kernel missed a needed patch and dmraid needed an update too. Well did not test raid on that specific board, only nvidia ones, but usually the detection is generic.


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      I'm leaning towards the DS4 or Abit IP35 Pro (same price for either). The DS4 is a top tier board from what I recall. The P965 and P35 board of the DS4 version were popular in Europe (where they were first released IIRC) and are only a slight level down from the DQ6 which is many dollars more.

      My main concern is the 2 pci slots and the JMicron (which many people turn off or disable).

      I think it's okay to use Linux (and Windows with dual boot) with all SATA devices. Right? I will be using SATA HDD, SATA DVD burner etc. This 2nd system is almost built, only needing mb, GPU and PSU.


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        Yup, the DS4 is the top tier P35 board available from Gigabyte. If you aren't in too much of a rush, we'll be reviewing a DS4 in the near future and we can answer any questions you might have.


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          Well all P35 board with Intel raid have got ICH9R and all with P965 have got ICH8R. So there is no big diff, maybe different number of PCI-E slots or DDR3 ram slots. Of course some cheaper systems may lack good OC support in BIOS. From Linux support there should be no diff at all - only the IDE extra controllers are differnet. The ones used by MSI are a very new model of Mavell which is not always supported.


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            This is good information. Thank you.