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Heatpipes: The Investigation Begins

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    Originally posted by gmeyer View Post
    Yes, big companies can be a little weird about safety. They are very concerned about some things and oblivious about others. Like the 20 gallons of gas riding behind you in your car. But, that is the way it is! I wasn't making these things up or trying to impress anyone. Just trying to share what few things I do know about.
    What Luck i finally found someone who knows about heat pipes....I need some advice if you can spare some
    I am trying to build my own CPU heat sink with the base material being Fine 99.9 Silver, I have 6mm Sterling silver 925 tubing to use for my heat pipes..(fins will also be Sterling silver 925) Now the questions... how do I get the wick material into such a small Dia. pipe and still have it hollow?
    I bought copper screen that i was going to try to put into the pipes for the wick but after all the reading here I am assuming there is a more efficient wick material than copper screen, I just need to know what that material is and where to buy it and how to install it into the tubing.

    Also the Sterling tubing I have (6 PCs)is cut into 12 inch lengths...My idea was to bend the 12" tubing in half, the bend would be silver soldered to the Fine Silver base and each side of the base would be a heat pipe, it would look like two heat pipes but it would only really be one bent in half..complete with Wick and working liquid...

    Your help would be so good as I am desperate for info to help me with this crazy CPU heat sink idea build.

    I have just about everything to build it just need some intelligent helpful information.



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