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  • Motherboard with fancontrol

    Hello All,
    It's time to change my motherboard.
    Currently I have Asus M2N-E (AM2/AM2+).
    I need some suggestions.
    My new motherboard has to be:
    - AM3+
    - 4 memory slots
    - and the most improtant think: It's must have at least 4 system fans connections and facontrol full supported by lm_sensors (to be able to set the speed...and switch off the fans)
    Currently I have 4 sys fans + cpu fan on my motherboard witch are fully controled by fanmanager (I made in c a different application than fancontrol..) witch use lmsensors to control the fans. For example, my CPU fan is stopped until the CPU temp is below 50 C. When it's rising, is start to speed the fan.
    The same think with sys fans...when MB temp is below 38 C, the fans are stopped...
    My new motherboard must have the same ability...any suggestions?