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  • Motherboards without UEFI

    Hello all !

    Don't know if this is a silly question or not so I aplogise in advance if it is. But does anyone know if nowadays it is possible to buy a new motherboard without any sort of UEFI at all? I've been looking a lot about through web searches and just about every manufacturer seems to implement UEFI (for me UEFI == do not want). If not does anyone know what the last set of motherboards that are maybe still available (presumably from late 2012?).

    Only reason I ask is because I'm hoping to do an upgrade to my existing desktop PC soon. Currently I'm using a motherboard from asus, a M5A78L. Although it works it isn't the greatest board in the world and its USB 3 implementation seems to be at best flaky.


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    It depends on your definition of new. If you mean unused maybe, in the term of a current board then no. Every Intel s1155 board supports UEFI. Basically most AMD AM3+ boards support UEFI, FM2 boards must likely all. Imho UEFI is the coolest thing that you can use, especially when you use direct boot without grub - that saves you at least 5 sec from boot time. Btw. every board that supports UEFI Secure Boot (those with Win8 Logo on the product page) has an option to disable Secure Boot - so no problem at all. Also the default is usually that the CSM which is used for legacy OS which boot from mbr is on. Whenever you use an old gfx card without UEFI GOP then the CSM will be active anyway. Only with a very new gfx card with GOP mode or onboard vga you can disable the CSM and save extra initialisation time (also required for secure boot, some let you use secure boot with CSM enabled but thats completely stupid as you can already boot vom old legacy boot media).

    PS: All boards are basically banana ware that you buy, so look for firmware updates - in most cases they fix uefi problems. Update immediately - the most simple solution for that i saw in new Asrock boards which had an integrated firmware update with online check for new versions and update directly from that.
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      Why don't you want UEFI? If it's the secure boot thing, then you should instead be asking for mainboards that don't have it, or where it's disabled. I use a UEFI board here that doesn't have secure boot at all.