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Google Is One Of The Biggest Backers Of Coreboot

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  • Google Is One Of The Biggest Backers Of Coreboot

    Phoronix: Google Is One Of The Biggest Backers Of Coreboot

    Last week I pointed out how Google is contributing a lot to Coreboot since they are enjoying this open-source BIOS/UEFI because they can ship it on Chrome OS devices for allowing very fast boot times, great customization possibilities, and good security with having full source access. In this article are some development statistics surrounding Coreboot to show the most prolific contributors, the pace of development, and other traits for this open-source project formerly known as LinuxBIOS...

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    Consumer hardware

    I would love to see support for consumer hardware.

    I really hate proprietary BIOS.
    Proprietary sucks.


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      Coreboot is NOT UEFI or BIOS,

      Coreboot is not UEFI or BIOS. I.e. on it's own it does not provides neither BIOS nor UEFI style calls. Hence it's custom early boot firmware, "BIOS/uefi replacement" or so. Though it can include BIOS or UEFI payloads to boot bios- or UEFI-based OS loaders but it's optional and up to system dev's to do so. For example coreboot can kick linux kernel directly without having on-disk boot sectors or loaders. In such case machine would completely lack BIOS of UEFI calls.
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