Hi all!

After the debacle with my new system (see this post), I decided to keep the CPU and memory and to build a home server with it.. Now the case I've got I'd use for it, and now I'm looking for nice motherboard to go with it... I'd like something that is at least the same form factor (MicroATX), but that might sport some Pro/Deluxe features (nice on-board audio, on-board graphics aren't a must, but good enough graphics would be nice, as I plan for it to also be a set top box, good connectivity [USBs, e-SATA, FireWire, etc]). Alternatively one that might have a 16x PCI-E for better graphics... Now all this would be for an AMD FX AM3+ CPU, and after my last experience with ASRock, I'd stay away from nForce hardware for the time being.

Any ideas?