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ASRock N68C-GS FX issues - Reboot/Poweroff freeze, No LAN

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    Then send the cpu back and get a b75 board + i3/i5.


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      Originally posted by adrenaline View Post
      True, but it is asrock's (@ssrock as I like to refer to them) fault for putting the 6100 on their compatible CPU list. Lucky for me amazon is taking the motherboard back for a full refund even though I'm passed the refund window. But seriously I can't even find a micro atx board to use with my 6100 now... The only micro atx board for it that seems possible would be the asus 760g, but I'm scared I might have the same kinds of issues. All of the 900 series boards are not micro sized ((((

      I actually thought assrock was a good brand until i read some horror stories over at ocn(on the apu boards) and here.
      Apparently they are going to cheap on the vrm and often deliver bad bios not a good combination that:P

      I highly doubt the Asus board will have issue, as they are a good brand imho
      Yust make sure to get the board that supports 125w cpu as going 95 watts board is a strecth especially in a crammed case.
      Also depending on your airflow it might be a good idea to have a fan blowing directly at the vrm.
      This might also make your asrock board stable, but you probly better off sending that board back :P