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The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot

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    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
    I really don't think that would be worthwhile. It wouldn't be anything that hasn't already been said 100 times.
    Stating your insult is worthwhile, but stating the reason to do so is not. I rest my case .


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      Originally posted by Rexilion View Post
      Stating your insult is worthwhile, but stating the reason to do so is not. I rest my case .
      No, it wasn't worthwhile either, as evidenced by this conversation.


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        Originally posted by spstarr View Post
        I remember the Stoned MBR boot virus, but it was easy to fix, as is many of them *if* you have a bootable CD/DVD, you can just clobber the MBR accordingly (tough, if the virus installed DLLs/DSOs, kernel modules whatever then you need to do a audit of system which isn't too difficult with deb or RPM based packages (checksums), worse if those got compromised somehow, while on a recovery DVD, you could just clobber the essential DSOs (libraries), kernel modules etc (with compatible older package versions)
        Having to boot from a bootable CD/DVD on every reboot to make sure that what you boot is okay is not very user-friendly, is it? (Not to mention that any capable IT department disables booting from external media, and they sure don't want to check thousands of PCs like that every week either.)


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          Originally posted by duby229 View Post
          MS essentially said... "Lets make up some imaginary boot loader virus so we can fuck linux!"

          Windows 8 is still gonna get just as comprimised as every other windows has ever been. And booting linux doesnt have a single damn thing to do with that.
          There are linux & unix bootkits too, even more, there is at least one PoC research bootkit that attacks both Windows AND linux...