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VIA Is Still At It: They Launched A $49 ARM PC

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    This doesn't strike me as being sufficiently distinguished from rPi to be worthwhile. The extra 256 MB RAM would be nice, but that's really all it offers.
    In something this large, I really don't understand the logic of using uSD rather than a full sized regular SD like rPi has.
    rPi is also smaller, credit card sized rather than banana sized.

    Until this actually ships, it will be hard to tell what it will be in terms of lockeddownedness and being closed. VIA doesn't make me feel that warm and fuzzy. rPi is very open, and to me, that's a significant advantage.

    Also should be noted that both are limited to the ARMv6 instruction set.

    What I'd really love to see are multi-core ARMv7's with SO-DIMM, and something at least as open as rPi.


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      The [AI]TX mounting holes are definitely a plus here.