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  • Blithe55
    started a topic no problem motherboard

    no problem motherboard

    Hi, I am looking for a "no problem" motherboard. I am slowly building my first computer. I am somewhat new to Linux and building a computer. It will run Ubuntu 12.04. I have already purchased an Intel i7-2600K LG1155. Is there a brand or series that Linux works best with?
    Should I look at Intel, Asus...etc
    Should I look at Z77, Z6 series... ect.
    Thank you.

  • crazycheese
    I have built an P67 b3 system some time ago and that was asrock mATX board, and it worked just fine from install to normal home use. The only "problem" was very specific - I installed 64bit system and for game that relies on 32bit library somewhere, there can be trouble - f.x UrbanTerror refused to start. This is well known and another binary was available. Strangely nvidia binary blob did not have this problem, probably ubuntu maintainers forgot to compile 32bit opengl versions with 64bit.

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